News National Don’t cut company tax – invade NZ instead: Waleed Aly

Don’t cut company tax – invade NZ instead: Waleed Aly

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Waleed Aly has slammed the Coalition’s company tax-rate cut and instead advocated once again to use the money to invade New Zealand.

In his latest spray on his “something we should talk about” segment, Aly challenged the Coalition line that if an employer pays less tax, it boosts jobs and wages and increases job security and the chance of a pay rise.

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On Wednesday’s edition of The Project, Aly effectively sided with The Greens by firing up on the Coalition’s company tax cut from 30 per cent to 25 per cent by 2026, claiming that independent modelling would send more than 40 per cent of the benefits of the proposed tax cut would go overseas, would increase the number of jobs by just 0.5 per cent and would boost wages by only 1 per cent.

“Even worse, the latest modelling shows more than 40 per cent of the benefits of the Coalition’s plan would end up overseas.

Despite knowing all that, Labor also want in on the company tax cut party.

Shorten and co want to cut it to 27.5 per cent but only for businesses that turn over up to $2 million each year.

They want to leave the tax rate at 30 per cent for all other businesses.”

“The treasury says over the long term at best this policy will increase your wage by roughly one per cent and the number of jobs will increase by less than half a per cent,” he said.

Aly instead provided a list of 10 things the money would be better spent on.

Among serious suggestions such as Medicare, hospitals and renewable energy, Aly twice suggests an invasion of New Zealand as a better use of the money.

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