News National Cory Bernardi shares blog by ‘pro-rape’ advocate

Cory Bernardi shares blog by ‘pro-rape’ advocate

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Controversial conservative senator Cory Bernardi has distanced himself from the views of ‘pick-up artist’ Roosh V, after he shared an article written by the pro-rape advocate.

Roosh V (aka Daryush Valizadeh) founded the “Return of Kings” men’s group which has been described as pro rape. The group supported the legalisation of rape on private property.

In February 2016, Roosh V was denied a visa to enter Australia to lead a Return of Kings meeting. Nonetheless, Mr Bernardi endorsed an article by the divisive figure.

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“The article I linked to today provides a perspective into the new age of intolerance that challenges our freedoms – especially given the events of the last week,” Mr Bernardi said in a statement to The New Daily.

“The fact that I linked to this particular article does not mean I endorse any of the author’s other views.

“Indeed, the reaction itself rather proves the point that the messenger is more important than the message to those on the political left.”

The Coalition senator shared the article via Twitter on Wednesday afternoon:

Roosh V’s blog argued against social justice warriors, particularly feminists and those from the left of the political spectrum.

It involved no references to his controversial views on rape but dealt heavily with his idea of sexuality, masculinity and femininity.

“Masculinity exhibited by men is dangerous and criminal, but masculine behaviors in women (cutting their hair short, becoming burly in body size, cursing, sexually pursuing other women) are promoted,” Roosh V wrote. 

Minutes after sending the tweet, Mr Bernardi felt he needed to clarify the reasons for posting it:

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton slammed Roosh V when he was denied entry into Australia earlier this year. 

“Australia doesn’t welcome people to our country who disrespect women,” Mr Dutton said.
Mr Dutton did not allow Roosh V into Australia. Photo:

“The department in the past has made decisions to cancel visas of people that advocate violence, particularly against women.

“I’ve asked for an urgent briefing in relation to the matter. Like all Australians I’m offended by the reports that I’ve seen.”

Roosh V’s book titles included: Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays, Don’t Bang Denmark: How to Sleep with Danish Women in Denmark and Roosh’s Argentina Compendium: Pickup Tips, City Guides, and Stories.

In the About Me section of his website, Roosh V contends: “A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and character.”

Roosh V once admitted to having sex so forceful that it “could be considered rape” by some.

He said he had to “use some muscle” to hold the woman down and admitted he’d be concerned if video of the incident was seen.

In the past, Mr Bernardi has lambasted the pro LGBTI “Safe Schools” program, because its literature linked to websites which contained adult content.

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