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Kidnapper still in limbo

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A Lebanese court still has not decided whether to grant bail to former Australian soldier Adam Whittington, who helped organise a botched child recovery mission for Channel Nine on the streets of Beirut last month.

The 60 Minutes crew and the children’s mother have already been released and it was widely expected bail would be granted for Mr Whittington and his three colleagues this week.

But Judge Rami Abdullah has again adjourned proceedings, and the earliest possible time for a decision is now set for Wednesday next week.

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Two days ago, Mr Whittington’s lawyer said that there was reportedly some new pieces of evidence, suggesting why there could be a delay.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for the children’s father — who did not press charges against the mother allowing her to return to Australia — has been objecting bail for Mr Whittington and his colleagues.

Mr Whittington’s supporters have criticised the Nine Network and 60 Minutes for only securing their crew’s release.

A Nine Network spokeswoman previously said the network was working with the Lebanese legal system and would not comment on the matter while it was before a judge.

Last week, Mr Whittington’s uncle, Vince Pisani, said while he was no longer sharing a cell with suspected terrorists, conditions remained tough.

“He’s gone into another situation where the cells are not much better,” he said.

“If he needs to have a bath … and just wash his face and that, he’s got to do it over a hole where the toilet is.

“Apparently he can’t use too much water because otherwise it floods it and, well, the room is stinking anyhow.”

Mr Pisani said the father of the children at the centre of the stoush had offered to drop the charges against Mr Whittington and three colleagues in return for $US500,000, which Mr Whittington was unable to pay.


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