News National Top stories – Sunday April 24 2016

Top stories – Sunday April 24 2016

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Who stands to inherit Prince’s massive fortune?

With no wife or children, the music superstar’s $300 million estate is likely to go to one woman. Read more

apple-watchOne year on, the Apple Watch might be the company’s biggest let-down

Plenty of hype surrounded its launch, but the shiny, expensive device is a surprisingly hard sell. Read more


swans6Horror as SCG crowd watches parachuter plummet

Footy fans watch as navy paratrooper is stretchered off after pre-match show goes awry. Read more




Can you ‘adult’? The modern struggle driving Gen Y to the edge

It’s harder than ever to be a grown-up, so young people are finding ways to avoid it at all costs. Read more



hilton-bombingWho bombed the Sydney Hilton? Revelations about the mystery attack

Often regarded as Australia’s first brush with terrorism, many questions remain as to who was responsible. A new book seeks answers. Read more


katering-show01The dumb Australian food trends that need to die in 2016

The hilarious ladies of The Katering Show let loose on smashed avocado, chia puddings and other over-priced crazes. Read more


donald-trump-familyForget his politics, this is the worst thing about Donald Trump

While the Obamas are elegant and tasteful, the Trump family is anything but. Kirstie Clements fears the worst. Read more


sladdaWhy is Ikea’s new flat-pack bicycle so darn expensive?

Surprisingly, the Swedish giant’s latest product isn’t cheap and experts worry it might not be worth the money. Read more