News National Top Stories – Monday 11 April, 2016

Top Stories – Monday 11 April, 2016

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bank warScandal-plagued banks looming as major battlefront in 2016 election

Bill Shorten dares the PM to tell voters and victims ‘there’s no problem’ with the big banks, as support for a probe grows. Read more


sally faulkner tara brown60 Minutes crew ‘faces charges’ in Lebanon after failed child abduction

Trouble deepens for those involved in TV kidnapping, including journalist Tara Brown, with charges now expected to be laid. Read more


Channel SevenKerri-Anne’s tell-all divides viewers, sparking calls to donate interview fee

The TV star had cameras follow her into an intensive care unit. Some who watched were sympathetic, others said she went too far. Read more


mainJoe Hockey pockets big profit on Canberra pad as Melbourne prices soar

Take a look inside the house which netted the former treasurer a cool $1.3m profit, while the Melbourne market continues to surge. Read more


australian bureau of statisticsYour census data may be used for things you never imagined

This year’s census will be radically different. Privacy advocates warn that time is running out to prevent the ‘horrible’ consequences. Read more


Robert MurphyBob’s bad break: AFL’s favourite player suffers footy’s cruelest blow

With his team poised to beat last year’s premier, Bob Murphy’s knee buckled. Now footy fans of all stripes fear the worst. Read more


Fox Sports

The terrifying moment NRL player’s son is run over by rogue buggy

Shocked players and officials rush to the aid of the three-year-old boy, who is trapped underneath in ‘terribly concerning’ incident. Read more


GettySecuring a great deal on a home loan can hinge on this one detail

If the interest rate on a mortgage looks good, you need to dig a little deeper. You should be looking at another number instead. Read more


Retirees aren't splurging with lump sums. Photo:GettySuper no longer being used for major cash splash on retirement: research

Retirees are taking super as an income rather than as a lump sum, shows new research. And it’s a trend that’s set to continue. Read more


Sperm whaleThe tale of Moby Dick may be more than fiction, says expert

It’s one of the great works of literature. But its battle between ship and whale was dismissed by many as a creative flourish … until now. Read more