News National Top Stories- Wednesday 30 March, 2016

Top Stories- Wednesday 30 March, 2016

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AP‘Lovesick’ EgyptAir hijacker takes hostages so he can ‘talk to ex-wife’

As the world reels from a series of deadly bombings, a passenger jet hijacker is labelled an ‘idiot’ for his ‘crazy criminal scheme’. Read more


woolworthsDon’t be fooled by Woolworths’ latest trick! The truth about ‘Essentials’

The supermarket giant is trying to make its budget products more appealing by putting the same old stuff in new packets. Read more


Bob DayTurnbull’s Senate ploy could be about to backfire spectacularly

The PM says he’s happy to throw away his last chance at a double dissolution. Chaos awaits if the crossbench takes him at his word. Read more


apple fbiMysterious ‘third party’ breaks into iPhone, exposing flaw in all devices

Experts have a good idea who might be responsible. Here’s what you can do today to make your smartphone unhackable. Read more


Crazy Eyes Orange is the new blackFoxtel’s last-ditch attempt to retain ‘dissatisfied’ customers

It’s making steps in the right direction, but it might be too little, too late to win back viewers who’ve deserted for Netflix, Stan and Presto. Read more


Dr Karl youngThis handsome hipster became Australia’s most famous nerd

It’s tricky to identify the now instantly recognisable television and radio star from this retro throwback photograph. Read more

GettyThis 15-year-old’s $40,000 win had ‘hallmarks of an old-fashioned sting’

The athlete’s ‘extreme improvement’ had alarm bells ringing ahead of our most famous running race. Her victory shocked everyone. Read more

GettyThe biggest superannuation tax rorts Scott Morrison should review

If the government is serious about clamping down on those exploiting the system, it should start here and save billions. Read more


Tim CahillSocceroos romp into final stage of World Cup qualifiers

Jordan were never in the hunt as Australia topped their group, with Tim Cahill doing what he does best. Read more



Young Australians ‘cheated’ by their parents and grandparents

The money troubles of Generation Less are the result of a ‘deadly cocktail’ brewed by their elders, claims new book. Read more


InstagramAn old tattooing trick has become the latest body art craze

It’s black, bold, covers huge swathes of skin and is almost impossible to remove. We explain the shocking technique. Read more