News National Top Stories – Tuesday 29 March, 2016

Top Stories – Tuesday 29 March, 2016

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Crisis looms with 500,000 people set to abandon private health insurance

A huge fee hike, set to strike in days, could pile huge pressure on the health system. And the government ‘could have stopped it’. Read more


Police said they were called to reports of a fight.

Man facing murder charge after finding intruder in daughter’s bedroom

How far can you go to protect your family when you find an intruder in your home? A NSW case may test that very question. Read more


bunnings-edm_360Comedian nails the absurdity of the Aussie snag at Bunnings

It took a South American to point out everything that is wrong – and right – about Bunnings sausage sizzles. Read more


Young woman using cellphone for video call

Apple withdraws upgrades after iPhones freeze, users locked out

Wait! Read this before upgrading your iPhone or iPad software. The latest updates are stranding some users. Read more


Prime Minister Najib Razak was removed from office in 2015.

This is the story the Malaysian PM doesn’t want Australians to read

Australian reporters were arrested while uncovering the billions of dollars in unexplained wealth of Najib Razak. Read more


panelQ&A audience rubbishes govt plan to speed up sluggish internet speeds

A panellist is surprised by response to Turnbull’s scheme. ‘I’ve never seen an audience shake its heads like that’. Read more



Scientists cross strawberries and pineapples to create wonder fruit

Consumers thought this ‘reverse strawberry’ was a joke, but it wasn’t. Say hello to the ‘pineberry’, coming soon to a grocer near you. Read more


got-4GoT star gets hot under the collar as fan anticipation peaks

HBO hints at a huge showdown in Game of Thrones season six. Jaime Lannister could care less: he’s kissing Mad Men stars. Read more



Rough start for your NRL team? There’s still hope of reaching finals

After trawling through 10 years of season results, we have good news for slow starters. We’re looking at you, Knights and Roosters. Read more


Retired-investor-GettyHow investor fear could be costing Australian families millions

Financial advisors are fond of telling clients ‘you can’t time the market’. That doesn’t mean you should ignore opportunities altogether. Read more


Cupcake was found in a box of DVDs.

‘Miracle’ cat survives eight-day journey through the post

She was found ‘in a sorry state’ after being mailed across the country. Here’s how ‘Cupcake’ eventually made it home. Read more

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