News National Top stories – Thursday 24 March 2016

Top stories – Thursday 24 March 2016

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EDMAIRPORTA Brussels-style airport attack could ‘very easily’ happen in Australia

Successive governments have ignored the advice of security experts for years, leaving travellers vulnerable, experts say. Read more

EDMMTRevealing the reality behind Malcolm Turnbull’s economic rhetoric

ANALYSIS: It would take a crazy-brave leader to run a campaign on such a feeble economic record, but that’s exactly what the PM’s doing. Read more


belgian-suspectsThe faces of evil: identities of Belgian airport attackers revealed

They strolled into an airport with bombs that killed and wounded scores. These three men struck fear into the heart of Europe. Read more

EDM-superheroesThe wonder women who saved this film from certain doom

Batman and Superman might have top billing, but they aren’t the real stars of this highly anticipated superhero showdown. Read more

0324footypredict-edmWe peer into the crystal ball to tell the future of the 2016 AFL season

Our experts, including premiership-winning coaches and players, predict the premiership winner, a Hawthorn fall, and a few surprises. Read more

EDM-donna copyRevealed: the growing national health crisis that’s completely preventable

This former state MP became one of the 15,000 Australians per year to be diagnosed with this deadly form of cancer. Read more


HOUSING CONSTRUCTION APPROVAL FILESaul Eslake: Labor and Liberal agree on housing, but they won’t admit it

ANALYSIS: Malcolm Turnbull is hunting Bill Shorten over his negative gearing policy, while legislating to achieve the exact same ends. Read more

EDMTYRIONStrangely appropriate lines politicians should steal from the classics

Team Turnbull’s use of a ‘meaningless’ slogan from a TV show got us thinking: ‘What if Hollywood wrote the election script?’. Read more

EDM-ghostRaunchy 90s remake could be ‘50 Shades of Grey: The Musical’

This adaptation of a popular 90s movie is not what you would would expect. And there’s a reason its audience is predominantly women. Read more

EDM-coaches copyEssendon and Carlton’s coaches should be wary of Chinese whispers

In his first column for The New Daily, ex-coach Denis Pagan says the pair could face mutiny if they’re not careful in 2016. Read more