News National Top Stories – Tuesday 22 March, 2016

Top Stories – Tuesday 22 March, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull
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AAPPM aims for July 2 election as friends, enemies unite to fight ALP

ANALYSIS: The Coalition has had its fair share of troubles, but Turnbull’s dissenters and supporters have finally found some common ground. Read more


apple-edmApple launches new iPhone – all the announcements live from California

We report from the tech giant’s Silicon Valley headquarters, where early this morning we got our hands on the new product range. Read more


serena2Djokovic: women’s tennis players should earn less than men

Serena Williams is fuming after two high-profile men denigrated the women’s game. Here’s what they said. Read more


parliamentThe government hopes this tricky tactic will win it the election

The strategy has only been used four times since 1961. If it’s a D-D that Turnbull wants, then the Senate is playing into his hands. Read more


supermarketSave serious money by waving goodbye to these big brands

New research has revealed the true cost of our devotion to premium supermarket brands and flashy packaging. Read more


qandaedm‘I will not have a gun held to my head’: Lambie erupts on Q&A

The government can rule out any support from this senator, who repeatedly berated a hapless cabinet minister. Read more


battle-edm2_360Three ways the government will take your money if it wins the next election

The major parties have decided on the key tax battlegrounds for an election: your home, your retirement savings and your income. Read more


Emma StoneThe new HBO comedy series that’s lured two massive movie stars

Find out why these popular actors have signed up to a TV series billed as a black comedy about a deluded asylum escapee. Read more


malcolm-turnbull-190216-newdailyThe push for a construction watchdog has a covert, money-saving motive

If re-elected, the government has signalled it will embark on a ‘borrowing boom’. To smooth that over, it needs to bring unions to heel. Read more


Getty‘I can’t wait to text him’: Jason Day’s unlikely friendship

He was the Aussie golfer’s idol growing up. Now one of the biggest names in world sport has helped him victory ahead of the Masters. Read more


neck collarbone brown fatThe secret to losing fat may be this little understood … fat

Scientists are learning more about a potential obesity preventer that, funnily enough, is a type of fat. Here’s how to unlock its power. Read more