News National Top stories – Thursday 17 March 2016

Top stories – Thursday 17 March 2016

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Our economy is exceptional. This time, it’s for all the wrong reasons

We sailed through the Global Financial Crisis relatively unscathed, but new data shows just how vulnerable our economy is in 2016. Read more


These popular medical treatments could be harmful or ineffective

Wide-ranging review of Australia’s medical system raises fears over antibiotics, MRI scans, allergy treatments and others. Read more

HOUSING STOCKSaul Eslake: Why the PM’s negative gearing argument doesn’t stack up

This renowned economist has weighed up both sides of this fierce political debate and found the evidence points in one direction. Read more

nude photos edm picThese celebrities fell for the oldest trick in the book

One of the men accused of exposing a plethora of explicit celebrity photos has been charged. His alleged method was very simple. Read more

moomba brawl melbourne

Gang riots expose major flaw in police priorities

ANALYSIS: Authorities need to be reminded that public safety, not revenue-raising, is their primary duty. Read more


EDM-a4Women warned to avoid dangerous new social media fad

The A4 Challenge emerging out of China is the latest in a series of unrealistic and unhealthy beauty fads worrying health experts. Read more


‘Mafia execution’ exposes a flaw in the political system

The mafia business is booming in Australia. One former police commissioner says there’s a sinister reason it’s not being stopped. Read more 



The AFL’s draw is a joke – don’t be fooled by the Geelong hype

Footy’s pre-eminent guru on statistics crunches the numbers for The New Daily to predict a sleeping giant will awaken. Read more


phone-edm1The phones of up to 700,000 Australians will soon become useless

Our two biggest telcos are killing a certain type of device. New research has calculated the impact. Find out if you’ll be affected. Read more

Harrison Ford

Why it’s time for Harrison Ford to hang up that famous hat

The legendary action hero is planning to revive one of the ‘greatest heroes in cinema’. There are reasons he shouldn’t. Read more


trump and clinton

Trump vs Clinton showdown becoming a battle of the sexes

The frontrunners are winning their nominations in different ways – it could be women who decide the next US president. Read more


olivia margot edmThe reason Olivia Wilde lost a major movie role to Margot Robbie

Wilde was told she was “too sophisticated” to play Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife. The casting directors meant something else entirely. Read more