News National Top stories – Wednesday 16 March 2016

Top stories – Wednesday 16 March 2016

jalal brothers
The brothers dress in traditional Muslim attire for their pranks. Photo: Facebook
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jalal brothers

Teen terror pranksters making hundreds of thousands from videos

Dressed as Islamic terrorists they stage mock bombing and abductions, leaving victims terrified. And it is making them rich, quickly. Read more

‘Conflicted’ health insurance sites pushing consumers into dodgy deals

Doctors claim the soaring cost of health insurance policies is making sites like iSelect richer and their customers poorer. Read more



Lewis Hamilton under investigation for video of hooning antics in NZ

F1’s revhead world champion in police sights as new footage emerges just one day after his public spat with an Auckland casino. Read more



Chaos and gamesmanship reign as senators scramble to save their skins

We explain the government’s plan to change Australia’s voting system, and why some in the parliament will try anything to stop it. Read more


seveThe raunchy editing trick that sums up Channel 7’s latest garbage

It’s not therapy. It’s cruel and small-minded. And one trashy scene proves it will stop at nothing in its desperate grab for ratings. Read more



Bill Shorten’s latest pitch to the youth could start an intergenerational war

The opposition leader’s latest ideas might win the support of young people, but convincing their parents could prove more difficult. Read more


7246398-3x2-940x627Rare ‘fairy circles’ discovered in a remote outback location

Enigmatic hexagonal shapes have appeared in the desert and we’re not sure why. This WA discovery could help solve the mystery. Read more


EDM-room-150316-newdailySerial killer sues state over ‘inhumane’ prison conditions

He has access to television, video games and the internet. His accommodation is pleasant. But this mass murderer is still unhappy. Read more


videogamingMicrosoft’s online gaming announcement is a game-changer

Multiplayer video gaming is about to get a lot bigger as the tech giant embraces its rivals to give gamers what they’ve always wanted. Read more


toll-road-edmThe huge investment roadblock that’s holding Australia back

The country’s largest private investment body has warned the government about the consequences of tinkering with super. Read more


KPOPEDM2South Korea is deploying K-Pop stars in the fight against the North

Dirty balloons, fake cities and pop music marathons: this border zone plays host to one of the strangest conflicts on Earth. Read more


breast cancerHow a new blood test could detect breast cancer early

Researchers hold high hopes for ‘liquid biopsies’, which may finds signs of cancer before other traditional scans. Read more