News National Top Stories – Tuesday 15 March 2016

Top Stories – Tuesday 15 March 2016

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ocean seagullEarth sets terrifying new temperature record. NASA’s reaction? ‘Wow!’

Our planet just surged past the temperature targets set for the year 2100, leaving climate scientists in a panic. Cool drink, anyone? Read more


Malcolm Turnbull and Scott MorrisonBill Shorten to reveal PM’s hidden motivation for early election

The New Daily has a copy of the Opposition Leader’s National Press Club address, in which he outlines an ambitious plan for workers. Read more


holdenThis carmaker drove customers crazy last year, selling the faultiest cars

Buyers of new cars were asked if they suffered faults in their cars. Can you guess which companies got the worst reviews? Read more


Alan finkel‘We’re losing the battle on climate change’, warn scientists on Q&A

Chief scientist issues a stark warning about the fight against global warming, while others plead for a rethink on CSIRO job losses. Read more


GettyTrump to stump up legal costs for fan who thumped a black protester

As America reels at the prospect of a Trump presidency, the billionaire says he’ll fight for a man who threatened to kill a black opponent. Read more


wealth-pic-GettyThe wealthy protest too much over paying tax. The numbers don’t lie

The next time a politician says the rich pay their fair share of tax, you should be sceptical. The facts tell a very different story. Read more


beetroot smoothieNew proof of the powerful health benefits of drinking beetroot juice

If you need of a serious health boost, it could beet a path to your juicer. Their secret power is hidden in this little-known nutrient. Read more


rafa nadalRafael Nadal drawn into tennis drugs scandal after issuing legal threat

Tennis great aggressively defends his legacy amid the Sharapova drug furore, threatening a French official with legal action after slur. Read more


tigerair pregnant ladyTigerair accused of leaving pregnant mum to ‘sleep in a bus shelter’

Budget airlines defends allegations of heavyhanded treatment of a pregnant passenger by saying it followed protocols. Read more


AAPMilitary dolphins, diabetes dogs – these animals have important jobs

Russia plans to recruit dolphins to its armed forces. They won’t be the first members of the animal kingdom to hold a steady gig. Read more


plants vs zombiesOne of the most addictive phone games ever joins Xbox One, PS4

It’s been widely praised for its zombie smashing fun. Now you can play as a blaster-wielding mushroom in your living room. Read more

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