News National Top stories – Friday 11 March 2016

Top stories – Friday 11 March 2016

Super-fast transfers are here, but not all banks offer them yet.
Super-fast transfers are here, but not all banks offer them yet.
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0311samsungHackers acquire bank details of Australian Android phone owners

Users of these popular banking apps and services like Skype and eBay risk having their money stolen after a security breach. Read more


housing prices Getty

How two terrible policies are locking people out of the housing market

ANALYSIS: The dream of home ownership has been dashed by successive governments. The good news, there is a way to fix it. Read more


The special kind of paid leave that’s only available to women

This ‘discriminatory’ policy, that requires women to disclose sensitive medical information, is dividing opinion. Read more



Why Tony Windsor could hold the key to your future internet speeds

ANALYSIS: The man who’s trying to unseat one of the government’s most powerful MPs could fix our NBN disgrace. Read more


Sharapova training

Sharapova back in training as lawyer unveils ‘legal loophole’

Lawyer for suspended star unveils a plan to get her back on the court, as new photos emerge showing the Russian in training. Read more



‘Take your kid outside’: Telstra slammed for parenting jibe at mum

Michelle Stephenson made a complaint about her internet and pay TV services going down for two days. She was shocked by the reply. Read more


grimsby elephant scene

The exact moment Sacha Baron Cohen jumped the shark

He’s a brilliant Cambridge-educated comic known for courting controversy, but this scene from his new film goes too far, even for him. Read more



It’s been a rough year for baby boomer rockers, but all is not lost

Jon English is the latest in a string of losses for the music industry. Are we facing the death of good albums or a rebirth of sorts?. Read more


jamie gilt

Pro-gun mother shot in the back by her ‘jacked-up’ four-year-old son

Anti-gun control activist Jamie Gilt was bragging about her son’s enthusiasm for firearms just one day before this tragedy. Read more


‘We’ve been good mates for a long time and that’s what hurts the most’

Emotional Billy Brownless opens up for the first time about his close friend Garry Lyon’s affair with his ex-wife. Read more