News National Top Stories – Thursday 10 March 2016

Top Stories – Thursday 10 March 2016

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Barnaby Joyce wants you to broaden your horizons. Photo: AAP

The decision that could cost Barnaby Joyce his seat in parliament

The Coalition government’s approval of this huge project could leave the deputy PM vulnerable to a threat from an old enemy. Read more


Here’s how much Maria Sharapova’s big mistake is going to cost her

She’s the richest woman in sport. But as high profile sponsors desert her in droves, the Russian star stands to lose millions. Read more

US Air Force

Malcolm Turnbull declines to confirm reports of more US bombers in NT

A US general says she’s in talks with the government over rotating US aircraft through the top end. Here’s the PM’s response. Read more

aldi-edm-picAldi accused of racism over alcohol advertising campaign

Watchdog dismisses complaints claiming the discount supermarket’s liquor advertisements are ‘perpetuating stereotypes’. Read more

Lee Sedol AlphaGo

The brainpower of humanity loses its greatest ever battle against AI

Google vanquishes one of Earth’s most powerful minds, Lee Sedol, in a test of brainpower thought impossible for a computer. Read more



‘Fifth Beatle’ and rock’n’roll hall of famer George Martin dies

Musicians around the world mourn the death of the musical genius hailed as ‘the greatest British record producer of all time’. Read more


leonardo dicaprio motherWhy people are upset over this photo of baby Leo DiCaprio and his parents

Leo’s adorable blonde locks have been overlooked by social media warriors hung up on his mother’s personal grooming habits. Read more


Jill Meagher’s murderer appeals against two rape convictions

Lawyer representing killer and serial rapist Adrian Bayley has told the court some of his victims may have incorrectly identified him. Read more



Scientists solve the mystery of what killed this prehistoric sea dragon

Groundbreaking fossil analysis lays the blame for killing this majestic creature squarely at the feet of the climate change. Read more


Hillary Clinton

This emerging trend could be Hillary Clinton’s biggest trump card

Bernie Sanders’ surprise victory grabbed the headlines, but our astute observer spotted a key fact that could decide the election. Read more