News National Top Stories – Tuesday 8 March 2016

Top Stories – Tuesday 8 March 2016

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MH370 anniversary: theories, blind hope and the agony of the unknown

Exactly two years after the Malaysia Airlines flight’s disappearance, at least one family is placing hopes in an unlikely theory. Read more

mh370 search

MH370 search crews speak out about looming deadline, terrible conditions

Unless the plane is found, the search will be over very soon. Here’s how the crews on the Indian Ocean feel about that decision. Read more


Margie and Tony Abbott

Credlin sidelined, victimised the PM’s wife, shocking colleagues: book

Abbott’s divisive chief of staff began marginalising his wife as soon as he was elected, a new book claims. Here’s how she did it. Read more


Michaelia Cash

There’s one thing Michaelia Cash really hates to be called

It was four-against-one on last night’s Q&A panel and, on this topic, they all ganged up on the Minister for Women. Read more



Tennis ace and entrepreneur Maria Sharapova’s ‘very big news’

World’s highest paid female athlete calls cryptic press conference for an ‘important announcement’. We tuned in to find out why. Read more


sydney siege

How the Sydney factory shooting and hostage drama unfolded

Police claim the gunman ended his own life, as reports emerge that the three men targeted by the shooter were brothers. Read more


Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott’s anger puts the government on a familiar road to ruin

Things are getting messy inside the Liberal Party. And with dysfunction of this nature, any achievements will go unnoticed. Read more


North Korea army

Why North Korea’s threats could spark a ‘full blown nuclear crisis’

Experts say the rogue nation’s rhetoric should not be taken lightly, with the ‘real possibility’ of conflict under the Kim Jong-un regime. Read more



Looming pension changes will have a super impact

Here’s why the introduction of a tougher pension assets test is something that affects everyone, not just the elderly. Read more



Impressive Matildas book ticket to Rio with stunning victory

Our national women’s football team have gold in their sights after beating North Korea and qualifying for the Olympic Games. Read more


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