News National Top Stories – Saturday 5 March, 2016

Top Stories – Saturday 5 March, 2016

Tony Abbott
Some believe Abbott should be elevated from the back bench. Photo: Getty
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6950070-5776620-16x9-700x394Experts bust the ‘exaggerated’ myth of a property market crash

Don’t believe everything you hear about the effects of Labor’s negative gearing plan. Top economists say the government’s claims are misleading. Read more



‘I didn’t want to make things worse’: why Pell was scared after ‘bad slip’

Here’s what happened when conservative columnist Andrew Bolt interviewed Cardinal George Pell ‘with no conditions’. Read more


GettyCoalition heavyweights finally take action to pull Tony Abbott into line

ANALYSIS: It seems Liberal MPs have learnt from the lessons of the past and moved to contain their high-profile backbencher. Read more


TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY BRISEIDA MEMA A TV grab shows presenter Greta Hoxhaj, 24, during the news edition on Zjarr TV (fire tv) in Tirana on January 14, 2016. Faced with tough competition to win over audiences, an Albanian TV channel is taking a literal approach towards giving viewers the "naked" truth -- by employing almost-topless newsreaders. Wearing open jackets, and nothing underneath, the young women reading the headlines on Zjarr TV are an unprecedented sight in the conservative Balkan country, where they first appeared on television and internet screens last year. / AFP / STRINGER (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)‘Outrageous’: the bare truth about the future of TV news

News outlet defends the decision to strip down it’s anchorwoman, saying it’s ‘symbolic’. Experts say it’s nothing but a cheap ‘stunt’. Read more


GettyRonda Rousey reveals her filthy, ‘hellish’ pre-fame home

Inside the fighter’s dilapidated share house, plus the reason Brie Larson’s boyfriend looks familiar and Ben Affleck’s exes slam his tattoo. Read more


Lots O Aussie DollarsThe defiant Aussie dollar is getting stronger. Here’s what that means

Our currency is on the rebound and it could take interests rates with it. Find out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for your family. Read more


British actress Keira Knightly has been a victim of skinny-shaming.‘Go eat a cheeseburger’: the scourge of skinny shaming

When we should be working to de-stigmatise eating disorders, ‘skinny’ celebs like Keira Knightley are subjected to nasty slurs. Read more


Five-round version of the Turkish-made Adler A110 is available in Aust.Rapid-fire shotguns are flooding into Australia in their thousands

Five-shot Adler weapons are coming to the country thanks to a loophole in our otherwise tough firearm restrictions. Read more


shutterstock_137333615Why the ‘S’-word strikes fear into the hearts of politicians

There’s one thing politicians are never rewarded for, but it’s essential for saving the country from falling on hard economic times. Read more


GettySports star’s battle with addiction, depression is a cautionary tale

The transition from sport to retirement is leaving players broken, as this story shows. And it’s getting harder every year. Read more

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