News National Exploding Thermomix causes mother ‘intense’ burns

Exploding Thermomix causes mother ‘intense’ burns

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WARNING: Graphic images below

A Perth mother who suffered severe burns after a Thermomix exploded in her face has engaged lawyers to investigate a claim for compensation on her behalf.

Mother-of-two Danika Jones said she was cooking a pasta sauce in her Thermomix in January, when the device’s lid blew open causing burning hot liquid to splatter over her upper body.

Ms Jones said the pain she suffered was “intense”.

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“I had popped the pasta sauce ingredients in the Thermomix using the same recipe I’ve used every week since I bought the machine more than two years ago,” Ms Jones said.

“Towards the end of the process it was pureeing the sauce when it started making a funny noise and vibrating.

“I walked over to turn it off and as I did that, it just exploded – the lid blew off and hot liquid went everywhere, all over me. The pain was intense.”

She was immediately rushed to hospital and was given extensive treatment in the burns unit.

The Thermomix claims to carry out 12 cooking functions. Photo: YouTube

Ms Jones was later discharged and has been forced to wear an electromagnetic device for 20 hours a day while her second-degree burns healed.

“This was an awful ordeal which I wouldn’t wish upon anyone else,” she said.

The Thermomix is a kitchen appliance made by German company Vorwerk.

It is a self cooking appliance that claims to carry out 12 functions including steaming, blending, heating and kneading.

Lawyer Nakkie Le Roux confirmed Slater and Gordon was investigating a claim on behalf of Ms Jones.

“Danika has suffered serious injuries despite following the manufacturer’s instructions while using her Thermomix,” Ms Le Roux said.

“Preparing meals in a Thermomix has become an everyday activity in many kitchens all over Australia and it is very concerning that such an incident has occurred.

“We commend Danika for taking a stand and warning others about the potential dangers.”

Ms Jones is urging Thermomix to announce a full recall of the TM31 model.

Thermomix burns
The burns have been described as second-degree burns. Photo: Supplied

She is warning other users of the well-known kitchen appliance that there are dangers to cooking with them.

Her Thermomix was recalled before the explosion. It had its seal replaced.

Thermomix has extensive information about the original recall on its website, dated November 2015.

“Intensive periodic safety testing of our products had shown that the sealing ring of the mixing bowl lid may not function properly in a very small number of Thermomix TM31 appliances manufactured between October 2012 and May 2014,” it wrote.

“In rare circumstances, if you were operating such a Thermomix TM31 at high speed (four or above), for example while puréeing, and you immediately switched to the “lid open” position, there was a possibility that hot contents may splash out of the mixing bowl in some instances. This could lead to a scald and/or burn.”

The burns required immediate hospitalisation. Photo: Supplied

A spokesperson for Thermomix told The New Daily they had been trying to help Ms Jones with the problem.

“Since being made aware of this incident in January, Thermomix has been very cooperative in this case. We have made, and continue to make, every endeavour to work with Ms Jones to investigate this matter,” a spokesperson said.

“Unfortunately, Ms Jones has declined our requests to investigate the appliance.

“Without a thorough investigation of the appliance, the manufacturer is unable to determine the cause of this incident. Unfortunately, on occasion the appliance can be used incorrectly.”

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