News National Top Stories – Wednesday 2 March 2016

Top Stories – Wednesday 2 March 2016

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GettyRecord summer hangover set to keep scorching through autumn

If you thought summer was over, we have some bad news for you. You can leave your jacket in storage for a while yet. Read more


rudd-abbottDelusions of grandeur or vengeful wrecker? Abbott’s Rudd-like play

ANALYSIS: The former PM’s latest provocation dispels any doubt he’s a team player. Here’s how he crossed the line. Read more


GettyWhy nobody applauded this prolific two-time Oscar winner

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names watched her take the stage without clapping. Here’s the reason for their disapproving glares. Read more


GettyHalf a million Australians are addicted to this totally legal medication

It sounds innocent, but it has a profound effect on the human brain. Here’s how to make sure you don’t suffer the consequences. Read more


american election trump rubio cruzTrump and Clinton vying for victory in one of the strangest elections ever

Why the race for the US Presidency could be won in the same manner as Steven Bradbury’s famous speed skating gold medal. Read more


memoryEight ways to help you improve your memory and exercise your brain

These simple tips can help you stay sharp and avoid the common signs of an ageing mind, like the ‘tip of the tongue’ phenomenon. Read more


GettyAFL’s hypocrisy in full flow over Alex Fasolo’s sideline toilet break

Investigating a player for doing his best to shield a natural bodily function from potential home viewers? Yep, that’s footy in 2016. Read more


Cardinal Pell swears on the bible before giving evidence at the royal commission. Photo: ABC‘You’re looking at a broken man’, father of abuse victims tells Pell

After his testimony, Cardinal Pell was confronted by a man whose family was torn apart by the actions of a Catholic priest. Read more


smog chinaBreathing could be making you fatter, depending on where you live

There’s something in the air and it’s definitely not love. Judging by what happened to these rats, we should probably find out what it is. Read more


german sailor mummySailor found mummified at sea after being missing for more than six years

Friends and police examine the mystery of this baffling discovery, made inside a drifting yacht off the southern coast of the Philippines. Read more


GettyThousands don’t realise they are missing out on important insurance

Most of us receive total permanent disability cover through our super fund. But many are missing out because of this simple oversight. Read more


far cry primalFar Cry Primal is like no other video game you’ve ever played

This game takes a novel, yet old-fashioned approach, renewing the first person shooter genre by going way, way back in time. Read more


Don't worry about how you hold your wine, unless you're a very slow drinker. Photo: GettySPONSORED: How to look like you know about wine – from the experts

Vintage, taste, tannins? An expert tells how to fake your wine knowledge and better still: learn what drop you enjoy. Read more