News National Top Stories: Friday, 26 February 2016

Top Stories: Friday, 26 February 2016

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edm-tplanesPM’s spending spree: $195b on subs and drones to ‘preserve the peace’

Attack drones, bombers and new fighters on the shopping list as PM splurges on military hardware. Never mind the budget deficit Read more


internet-prank-edmAustralia’s dumbest pranksters charged over YouTube terror hoax

Three brothers allegedly dressed as terrorists to fake shootings and bombings, shocking their victims. Not funny, say the police Read more


rotten-produce-edmSupermarket horrors: the unpleasant discoveries made by shoppers

Lettuce spiders, mould blooms and maggoty produce. Check out the stomach-churning items taken home by Aussie shoppers Read more


fatberg-edmMonster ‘fatbergs’ made of flushable wipes threatening our homes

They claim to be ‘flushable’ and some people send them down the toilet. But these disgusting disasters are a shocking warning to all Read more


asteroid-edmDuck! This ‘energetic’ asteroid is getting closer. Here’s when to see it

A giant lump of space rock will skim past Earth soon, but scientists say we should avoid a deadly collision … this time Read more


peter-costello-edmCould Costello decide the future of Fairfax? You wouldn’t read about it

ANALYSIS: The former Treasurer and Liberal Party heavyweight is poised to help reshape the Australian media landscape Read more


leo-edmWe love Leonardo, but here’s why someone else should win the Oscar

He’s an acting legend and absolutely should be recognised by the Academy, but not for his gruesome revenge flick, The Revenant Read more


6482874-244768-16x9-700x394-1Xenophobia or common sense? Why we fear Chinese investment

A Chinese buyer bought up a historic Tasmanian dairy this week. Here’s why it caused a ruckus and what needs to be done Read more


dicksmith-edmClosing time for Aussie icon after buyers say no to saving Dick Smith

Dick Smith will close after 48 years of trading. Its recent history has been a farce and tragedy, and now workers are paying the price Read more



Rising living costs are pushing pensioners below the poverty line

Our investigation shows how much you need to enjoy a comfortable retirement. And unfortunately, the pension is not enough Read more

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