News National Top Stories – Tuesday 2 February, 2016

Top Stories – Tuesday 2 February, 2016

Australian money
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Malcolm Turnbull and Bill ShortenMoonshots and money pits: our hopes and fears for politics in 2016

Running this great nation should be about more than rivalling the Kardashians in the ratings, says novelist John Birmingham. Read more.


andy pudzer‘Sexist, degrading’ US burger chain opens first Australian store

And with another 299 locations planned, it could rival the big chains. But some want them and their ‘toxic messaging’ to stay away. Read more.


AAP‘Abbott, Credlin manipulated the public on a mass scale’

New book makes explosive allegations about just how far the former PM and his advisers would go to stoke the public’s fear of terrorism. Read more.


pleiadesStars in your eyes: see the light show on offer for stargazers this week

Planets, constellations and natural beauty will keep your eyes fixed on the skies this week – if you know where to look. We’re here to help. Read more.


AAP‘We’re signing our own death warrant’: Liberal MP breaks rank

There’s one surefire way to lose an election, according to one political veteran, and Malcolm Turnbull looks poised to do it. Read more.

GQ AWARDS 2015The ambitious business woman who stole Mick Fanning’s heart

When they met, she was a student and a model. Now, she runs an international company with more than 176,000 followers. Read more.


qanda-feb1‘We run the risk … of becoming a nation of bystanders, comforted by a few statistics’

Australian of the Year David Morrison delivers a passionate response on domestic violence on an animated return for Q&A. Read more.


GettySecret donations to political parties must be disclosed, urges watchdog

The identities of the biggest donors to Australia’s political parties are being hidden from voters using completely legal measures. Read more.


AAPThe Australian city poised to knock Sydney off its economic perch

Its house prices are growing faster, its economy is growing rapidly and people are flocking there in droves. It could soon be No.1. Read more.


boko haramThis group is ‘just as bad as Islamic State’, but the West hasn’t budged

These terrorists’ barbarity reached new lows during a horrific attack. Here’s why the the US and Australia won’t be moved to action. Read more.