News National Top Stories: Friday, 29 January 2016

Top Stories: Friday, 29 January 2016

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ginareinhardt-edmThe small-town billionaire who’s got more money than Gina Rinehart

Forbes has crowned this country woman Australia’s new richest person. Here’s why you’ve probably never heard of her Read more


woman-traffic-edmTraffic nightmares: don’t even think about taking these routes to work

After a sleepy summer, commuter chaos has struck again. These are the places to avoid in your city, if you want to retain your sanity Read more


room-edmThe disturbing new movie everyone is talking about

It has no big stars, no special effects and barely any action, but it’s captivating audiences around the world. Here’s why Read more


rainy-melbMassive downpours predicted across the country this weekend

Batten down the hatches! Australia is about to get seriously wet and no state will be spared. Find out how bad it’s going to get Read more


tv-edm-switchStan vs Netflix: how the Aussie player could win the battle

These are the huge TV shows Stan will be streaming after its recent landmark deal. And it could be enough to challenge Netflix Read more


billshorten-edmAs Libs roil with internal dissent, ALP launches counter-strike on schools

Bill Shorten could have left the Libs to continue making the wrong sorts of headlines. Taking the spotlight away from them has risks Read more


ISpropaganda-edmHunt begins for Australian man featured in ISIS propaganda video

Police raid homes after 41-year-old Melbourne man appears in slick video promoting the terror group’s health service in Syria Read more


windmills-edmPacific Hydro sale signals renewed confidence in green energy sector

Despite the best efforts of the Abbott government to damage renewables, Pacific Hydro has been sold to Chinese investors Read more


kinkajou-edmWoman wakes to find world’s sleaziest animal caressing her face

99-year-old woman wakes to a find an exotic tree dweller resting on her chest. You’ll never believe what she did to escape the furry beast Read more


djokovic-edmDjokovic denies aging champ, surges into Australian Open final

It was a dream match-up – two tennis greats fighting for an Australian Open. But the world number No.1 outmuscled his rival Read more