News National Latham’s spray at Rosie Batty

Latham’s spray at Rosie Batty

mark latham
Mark Latham has crossed the political divide and will speak at a Liberal Party event. Photo: AAP
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Mark Latham has launched a stunning attack on anti-domestic violence advocate Rosie Batty, claiming she is encouraging feminists to use the issue as a “trojan horse” for left-wing arguments.

Speaking in a 20-minute preview of his new podcast “Lathamland” posted on the Triple M website, Latham reiterated his long held anti-feminist views.

“I worry that the domestic violence debate is being used as a trojan horse to push a left-wing feminist position,” Latham said.

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“There is a demonisation of men here … I worry in the demonisation of men that Rosie Batty is causing more harm than good.

“I think they use the domestic violence as a coping mechanism to get over all the other crap that they have got in their lives.”

During the podcast preview, Latham also complains about a “surge” in political correctness that he has observed.

“There’s been a real surge in political correctness over the past couple of years in Australia and quite frankly it’s pissing off a lot of people who don’t like being sneered at, who don’t like being called racist or sexist, who don’t like being told what they can and can’t say,” he said.

“Surveys show women are safer than ever before, that, sure, there are some unacceptable incidents of domestic assault in the community, but they’re no worse than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Why this big national push?

“A lot of it of course has come out of Rosie Batty’s role as a spokeswoman for the feminist movement, the left feminist movement.”

Latham led the Labor Party in opposition from 2003 to 2005.

The full one-hour podcast went to air at 12pm on Friday.

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