News National Top Stories: Thursday, 21 January, 2015

Top Stories: Thursday, 21 January, 2015

best burger australia
In-N-Out Burger, the US's world famous burger chain, has popped up in Australia. Photo: Instagram Photo: Instagram
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EDM-bushfire-200116-newdailyBefore and after: aerial photos of fires show true devastation

The Yarloop and Wye River fires decimated the affected areas. This amazing photography highlights just how much damage was done Read more


MALAYSIA AIRLINES SEARCHHere’s what the MH370 search operation has discovered so far

They have not yet found the the missing plane, but the team tasked with scouring the ocean has located plenty of other marvels Read more


EDM-INOUT-200116-newdailyThe secret to the success of the burger chain that’s eyeing Australia

It’s enormously popular, has a secret menu and doesn’t advertise. Find out how this unique burger joint became world famous Read more


aussiekidsTeacher and classroom shortages coming to a school near you

Our schools are in an absolute mess, with ‘poor government planning’ to blame. Find out which students and subjects could be affected Read more


superannuationIndustry funds dominate list of top super performers

An independent annual survey of superannuation fund performance shows not-for-profit funds out-performed their for-profit rivals in 2015 Read more


cleo edm picRIP Cleo. Thanks for the life advice, beauty tips and … male centrefolds

Kirstie Clements remembers the mag as groundbreaking, raunchy, smart and sassy. Plus, we reflect on the best centrefold stars Read more


password1Check this list to see if your password is one of the 25 most popular

New data shows just how simple many of our passwords are. And that makes our accounts incredibly easy to hack Read more


economydown-EDMWe were promised prosperity. Then the cracks started to appear

Strap yourselves in! All the major indicators point to the fact we’re going to be in for a bumpy economic ride in 2016 Read more


pakistanattack-edmMore than 50 casualties as militants storm university

Frightening ‘revenge attack’ in Pakistan claims many lives. The Taliban has taken responsibility. Here’s what we know so far Read more


berniesandersclivepalmerWhy Bernie Sanders could be America’s Clive Palmer

The mining magnate’s entry into Australian politics should serve as a lesson for anyone who supports the US Presidential hopeful Read more


Couple playing with toys on beach

The politics of holidays: why there’s no shame in taking time off

Some of us are taking more annual leave than they have in years, but others are stockpiling it out of fear. Here’s why Read more