News National Top Stories: Saturday, January 9

Top Stories: Saturday, January 9

barack obama
Barack Obama has told Donald Trump to 'stop whining' about a 'rigged' election – before it has even taken place. Photo: AAP
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firepic-edm‘It was like napalm’: devastating inferno decimates community

Almost 100 homes and businesses destroyed as 50m high flames tore through this town, raining ash on those below. And it could get worse Read more


EDM-morrison-sinodinos-080116-newdaily copyThese Liberals want an early election. Here’s when the PM should call a vote

ANALYSIS: Liberals call for early poll. Plus, why David Leyonhjelm dropped the c-bomb and calls for Dutton’s sacking Read more


lotteryballs-edmThese ‘frugal’ grandparents just won $70 million. Here’s how they’ll spend it

Country couple who won this week’s record Powerball jackpot vow to ‘throw out the specials catalogue’ and spend up big Read more


mh370-edm‘Strange things do happen’: experts examine this unlikely MH370 theory

Passengers’ families say they could be alive and being held prisoner in a remote location. Here’s what those in the know think Read more


EDM-Rousey-080115-newdailyBum deal: world goes bonkers over Ronda Rousey’s bare bottom

How sleuths cracked the mystery of the MMA star’s no-clothes photo shoot, plus what the Two and a half Men kid looks like now Read more


housing-pricesThis part of the economy is still booming, but it’s hurting house prices

The mining boom is over and markets around the world are battling. At least one industry is going gangbusters and creating plenty of jobs Read more


tigerpic-edmKid courageous: this tiger and his would-be lunch are still great mates

He was meant to be a meal, but Timur the goat impressed Armur the tiger with his bravery. Months on, they’re inseparable Read more


obamapic-edmObama issues tough ultimatum to own party on firearms restrictions

US president Barack Obama pens opinion piece taking aim at the gun industry and pleading for support. Read his article here Read more


putinperfume-edmCow falls through a roof and the phallic signature

Mad cow jumps off roof, man uses phallic image as signature and President Putin’s perfume in this week’s strange stories. Read more