News National Southern lights illuminate the new year night sky

Southern lights illuminate the new year night sky

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It was not just man-made lightshows that brought in the new year, with aurora australis providing Tasmania’s aurora australis watchers with a perfect start to 2016.

Across the state aurora watchers have been posting pictures on a social media page dedicated to the southern light.

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Astronomical society of Tasmania’s Steve Harvey said those who missed out could look to the skies tonight, where they are clear and away from light pollution.

“Look to the south and let your eyes adapt to the darkness,” he said.

“The light should have a greyish, green glow,” he said.

He said the best colours could be captured by a camera using a time exposure.

The aurora australis Tasmania Facebook page, features photos from places including Howden, south of Hobart and Stanley in the state’s north west.

The southern lights are the result of radiation from an electrical storm in the Sun in recent days.

Sophie Fazackerly posted a photo from Howden on Hobart’s eastern shore early this morning.

“There was a bright glow in the sky on the way home from the fireworks, which was of [Aurora] course, time to celebrate a Happy New Year,” she wrote.

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