News National The New Daily presents our top stories of 2015

The New Daily presents our top stories of 2015

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If our readers are anything to go by, escapism was the order of the day in 2015.

Who could blame you? With the headlines dominated by terror in Europe and chaos in the Middle East, it’s tempting to look the other way.

Which could be why our best-read story for 2015 centred around the launch of streaming giant Netflix into Australia, and how much people were resenting the lack of choice in comparison to the US version.

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In fact, news about streaming services proved extremely popular throughout 2015; our comparative review of local streaming sites Stan, Presto and Quickflix was also widely read.

At number two was our piece on the best places to buy property in 2015. With a slowdown in the west and the seemingly never-ending boom in the east – we advised readers to head north in search of bargains.

Next, a variety of mysteries featured heavily in our list.

These two weren't on such good terms by year's end. Photo: AAP
These two weren’t on such good terms by year’s end. Photo: AAP

Firstly, there was the mystery of how we managed to elect Anthony John Abbott as our 28th Prime Minister (actually, it’s not that much of a mystery given how the other mob were travelling – perhaps the bigger mystery is how so many in the Liberal Party thought he’d be a good boss).

This story about how Mr Abbott was deemed “shockingly incompetent” by a US think tank was our third-most read for the year.

At four, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, and the theory of how exploding cargo may be responsible for the most baffling aviation disappearance in history.

Our get-to-know-you story on Australia’s 29th PM was up next – 20 things you didn’t know about Malcolm Turnbull.

Australia’s (and Jimmy Barnes’) obsession with our most dangerous drug was the sixth-most read story of 2015, with our piece generating plenty of vigorous “debate” from our readers.

The death of Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh was our seventh-best read story of the year, his passing causing a ripple of shock not just across the AFL community, but the nation as a whole.

AFL coaches are the ultimate alpha males, men who command the respect and attention of the country’s elite footballers. To see one taken before his time was a shock to all, giving pause for reflection about the fragility of the threads by which we are all suspended.

Australia's most dangerous drug looks innocent enough. Photo: Getty
Australia’s most dangerous drug looks innocent enough. Photo: Getty

Our expose on the secrets behind Aldi’s super low prices came in at number eight, and garnered plenty of discussion, while in a similar vein, our piece on the ways Bunnings “nailed” consumers on prices narrowly missed out on a berth in the top 10.

The dreadful events in Paris on Friday November 13 made the list, with the co-ordinated terror attacks that unfolded early Saturday morning in Australia drawing plenty of interest from Australians as the full scale of the horror unfolded.

Earlier in the year the deadly attack on the headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo also saw people flock to The New Daily for information. This incredible collection of cartoonists’ responses to the atrocity became one of our most shared stories on social media.

And closing out the top 10 was our very own George Lekakis’ expose on the financial state of the 18 AFL clubs.

While the precarious position of St Kilda and Brisbane surprised few, eyebrows were raised at the tenuous state of Carlton, one of the league’s foundation clubs.

And here are some of our best read stories that just missed out on a spot in our list:

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* What were the stories of 2015 that made you stop and think? Leave your answer in the comment section below

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