News National Top Stories – Monday 21 December, 2015

Top Stories – Monday 21 December, 2015

scotsburn fire
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 Firefighters survive heartstopping burnover, then rejoin the fight

Brave crews barely escape with their lives before selflessly returning to the battle as bushfires continue to burn. Read more.


Close up cropped image of young businesswoman with finger on lipsThis is Australia’s biggest superannuation secret

It’s a ‘serious national disgrace’ that nobody knows about T2R, which allows you to access funds early and save thousands of dollars. Read more.


ancient human‘Mysterious new species’ of human could change history

A 14,000-year-old bone unearthed in southwest China could challenge our understanding of human evolution. Read more.


1217songs-edmHotline Bling: politicians reveal their favourite song from 2015

From Question Time to their downtime, our pollies share their favourite songs of the year. Their choices might surprise you. Read more.


Essendon-34Why only a WADA whim could find the ‘Essendon 34’ guilty

ANALYSIS: As WADA prepared to deliver its decision, Tom Ryan points out a fundamental flaw with the entire process. Read more.


gettygirlsad‘Quarter-life crises’ are holding back twenty-somethings in their prime

Young adults are crumbling under the pressure of everyday life. Facebook and cotton wool parenting could be responsible. Read more.


ABC/Seabin ProjectWhat a scoop! The amazing Aussie invention cleaning our oceans

Two surfers-turned-inventors have created an ingenious device that rids the sea of plastic bottles, paper – even oil and detergent. Read more.


renovate-edm3It’s a trap! The summer urge to renovate could swallow your money

An uncertain future for the property market creates challenges for renovators. Here’s how to ensure you get a return on your investment. Read more.