News National Top Stories: Friday, 18 December 2015

Top Stories: Friday, 18 December 2015

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Boy playing with fire

Kids are lighting themselves on fire in this terrifying social media trend

In a desperate bid to fit in, young people are risking ‘asking for trouble’ by taking part in the dangerous and idiotic ‘fire challenge’ Read more

ASXThe US Federal Reserve has done the world a big favour

The Fed’s landmark move will make a world of difference to the global economy, but it could be awkward times ahead for Aussie families Read more

mickfanning‘You are unbelievable Mick Fanning’: surfer triumphs on tough, tragic day

Champion shows his mettle yet again, putting in a superb performance after the tragic death of his ‘hero’ older brother Read more

Childs dirty feet jumping on trampoline

This backyard toy is causing serious brain trauma to children

With the injury toll mounting, doctors are warning that, when misused, this summer favourite is as dangerous as cage fighting Read more

star-warsFan or not, find out if you’ll like the new Star Wars (spoiler free zone)

Is The Force Awakens really as good as everyone’s saying? Simple answer: yes. But it does have one major flaw Read more

sirdonbradmanWould Don Bradman have made it in the Big Bash? We ask the experts

Jim Maxwell and Gideon Haigh give their verdict on whether the master batsman could adapt to the modern game Read more

qandaRay Martin and Shaun Brown hand down report into ABC’s Q&A program

After some high profile criticism and accusations of bias – mostly from former PM Tony Abbott – the results are in Read more

taxcorporateThese companies did not pay any tax in Australia last financial year

Qantas, Vodafone, the Ten Network. Some of our biggest and most wealthy companies are paying less tax than you are Read more