News National Top Stories – Thursday 10 December, 2015

Top Stories – Thursday 10 December, 2015

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tonyabbott2‘Re-energised’ ALP fuelled by anti-Turnbull forces: expert

Despite Bill Shorten being Mr 15%, Labor finds damaging lines of attack as signs of division begin to shadow the new PM Read more


Miranda Kerr strips off again. And this won’t be the last time

Former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements explains why nude is the new normal in the competitive world of women’s magazines Read more

winehold$5 bottle of plonk from Aldi wins prestigious wine award

Wine snobs, you’re on notice. These cheap drops – many from Aldi supermarkets – are impressing the judges at our top wine shows Read more

Ending your text messages with a full stop is very rude, study finds

Many of us do it, but here’s why you should ditch the full stop now – if you want your friends to keep speaking to you Read more

catebAll the glitz, glamour and stars from the AACTAs red carpet

Cate Blanchett makes impassioned plea for ‘more Aussies in films’ as the A-list of the local film and TV industry strut their stuff Read more

A germophobe who gave his teacher a black eye is running for President

… and his name is Donald Trump. Here’s 21 weird and wonderful facts about the most polarising figure in US politics Read more

Rodney Hogg predicts an explosive – and short – Test match in Hobart

They’re certainly the underdogs, but don’t write the West Indies off yet. Our expert says they could expose Australia’s big weakness Read more

cuttingweddingHere’s why you should consider drawing up a pre-nup

There is a legal way to protect your money (and your kids’ inheritance) from a messy divorce. But timing is key, as it can backfire Read more