News National Top Stories – Tuesday 8 December, 2015

Top Stories – Tuesday 8 December, 2015

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stereosonicEXCLUSIVE: Stereosonic promoters host other deadly dance events

Festival organisers pocketed at least $60m by selling their business to a US concert company which knew the risk of death for fans. Read more.


rave-300_360Powerful new superdrugs that baffle doctors being found at dance events

A new class of highly potent and unknown party drugs – up to four times stronger than ecstasy – could make this festival season the deadliest yet. Read more.


malcolm-turnbullTurnbull talks ideas while ‘allies’ try to innovate themselves onto front bench

The sound of applause for the PM’s innovation plans is being drowned out by the deafening hubbub of Coalition disunity. Read more.


teg sethiFurious Jeep owner refuses $60k hush money: ‘I won’t be bullied’

His ‘lemon’ Jeep inspired a rap song and internet stardom. But the carmaker wants to silence him and he says ‘no’, no matter the cost. Read more.


Woman wearing glassesWorld’s largest ‘cloning factory’ being built – humans rolling off the line soon

Company claims to be able to make designer babies, mass produce beef cattle and recreate your dead pets – for a hefty fee. Read more.


Mick-FanningMick Fanning’s heroics at the centre of another frightening incident

Just months after he fought off a shark, the superstar surfer has helped save his mate in terrifying circumstances. Watch the footage. Read more.


shameless-071215-newdailyOuija boards and split decisions: future of jury trials under threat

After a number of high profile mishaps, the trial of the wife of one of Australia’s most notorious gunmen will go ahead without a jury. Read more.


private school feesHere’s how parents prepare for the huge expense of private schooling

With fees of up to $30,000 per year, sending your child to a private school may seem impossible. Here’s how to make it happen. Read more.