News National ‘Bikie enforcer’ in custody

‘Bikie enforcer’ in custody

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An alleged bikie enforcer will miss out on a planned holiday after being denied bail because police fear he will intimidate witnesses.

Emir Jaha, 29, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Saturday facing a number of charges, including firearms offences, following raids at two properties on Friday.

Numerous firearms, ammunition, explosives and clothing associated with the Comanchero Motorcycle Club was seized in the raids.

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The raids followed an incident at a Preston restaurant on November 24, where police allege Jaha fired eight shots into the ceiling of the building.

While no witnesses are willing to speak to police about the incident, an anonymous call to triple-0 reporting gun fire and screaming from the restaurant alerted officers to what had occurred, the court heard.

Dressed in a Nitro Gym t-shirt Jaha smirked, laughed and shook his head in the dock as ECHO task force Detective Senior Constable Ben Shawyer told the court he believed witnesses were in fear for their own safety if they spoke to police.

Det Sen Cons Shawyer said the former semi-professional kickboxer had been a member of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang for four years and held the rank of sergeant at arms at its Hallam chapter.

He said CCTV footage from the restaurant clearly showed Jaha firing a weapon at the ceiling and when he left a female associate collected the bullet shells and put them in her pocket.

“Staff and patrons have refused to speak to police or deny anything happened despite what is clearly shown on the CCTV,” Det Sen Cons Shawyer told the court.

“He is an unacceptable risk because of his intimidating and menacing behaviour.”

Jaha’s lawyer argued allegations against his client would be difficult to prove and described the case as weak.

He said police had no proof Jaha was a member of the Comancheros, that police had no DNA evidence to prove he was the one to cause the holes in the ceiling and without bullet shells it would be hard to prove what weapon was used.

“He should be granted bail because he’s been a model bail person,” Mr Petrovic told the court.

The court heard that the father of three, who is already blind in one eye, should be granted bail because he desperately needed eye surgery and had planned a holiday so he could relax after his operation.

Magistrate Ross Betts remanded Jaha in custody despite what he described as “some problems” with the crown’s case.

Jaha will reappear in a Melbourne court on December 18 – his co-accused Elvin Bafto was also remanded in custody until the same date.

Bafto faces numerous charges relating to weapons and possession of anabolic steroids.

Police will also allege he was an accessory to the incident at Preston and handed the gun to Jaha.


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