News National Top Stories – Wednesday December 2, 2015

Top Stories – Wednesday December 2, 2015

climate hero
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climate heroFour climate heroes are putting everyone, us included, to shame

As world leaders converge on Paris to work out how to save the planet, a handful of countries are already setting a good example. Read more.


Landing airplane Surprisingly, now is the perfect time to book a holiday to the USA

Fancy a snow trip? Contrary to what you might expect, the falling dollar has actually made flights across the Pacific cheaper. Read more.


pirelli-calendar-2016Extreme makeover: how the Pirelli calendar went from breasts to brains

The iconic calendar has released its 2016 edition, and it’s nothing like you’d expect. See the dramatic transformation in pictures. Read more.


Ms Florish said it could upset people struggling with confidence and eating disorders. A group of ‘cowardly’ fat-shaming vigilantes is targeting women

A band of men is handing out ‘you’re fat’ cards on public transport, telling overweight women they’ll only find love if they eat less. Read more.


iphone headphone jack There’s a rumour about the next iPhone that has Apple fans outraged

The company seems to want to look cool at all costs, willing to make a handy piece of tech obsolete for the sake of a few millimetres. Read more.


stoya james deen Porn’s ‘boy next door’ and crossover star accused of rape by three co-stars

Reputation of sex industry’s golden boy James Deen is in tatters following claims he forced himself on three women. Read more.


tim tam Consumers are the losers of the great Tim Tam price war of 2015

Coles tried to resist the price hike, but buckled after Arnott’s retaliated by refusing to stock shelves. Here’s how much extra you’ll pay. Read more.


lexus-edmCar of the week: want to turn heads? Hop in the new Lexus RX

It’s nice to have others watch you as you sail by. But is this new SUV also efficient, reliable and comfortable? In a word, yes. Read more.