News National Top Stories – Tuesday 1 December, 2015

Top Stories – Tuesday 1 December, 2015

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xmas-edm1The tricks retailers are using to make you spend more this Christmas

Shops know you are coming and they are ready for you. Here are the techniques they use to ensure you leave their coffers full. Read more.


housing suburbIn this volatile housing market, getting deeper in debt is only for the brave

House prices are slipping and there are hints of bad news to come. Home buyers need to think carefully before taking on a big mortgage. Read more.


paris shoes protestFive minute guide to the Paris climate summit: what it means, why it matters

The world’s most powerful leaders have gathered in Paris for potentially historic talks on the environment. Here’s what it all means. Read more.


AAPThe ghost of Tony Abbott haunts Australia at climate change summit

Turnbull could be waiting until after the next election to show his green colours. But can the nation and the planet wait that long? Read more.


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 1.23.15 pmAussie director ‘sincerely apologises’ for Hollywood blockbuster mistake

Filmed in Australia, with a bunch of local talent, this big budget film has stoked global controversy. The studio says it will ‘do better’. Read more.


unhappy childParents told to be ‘cautious’ of common drug prescribed to children

For decades, Australian kids with behavioural problems have been given this medication. Now, Danish experts have their doubts. Read more.


Mitchell-StarcDressing Test cricket up in pink won’t save it from the scrap heap of sport

ANALYSIS: A bright new ball and a few wines under lights are not going to halt the slow march to the grave of the game’s oldest form. Read more.


wedding fireworksBrides ‘under pressure’ to keep up with expensive new wedding trend

Gone are the days of the sit down dinner and basic wedding march. But you can still be a modern bride without breaking the bank. Read more.