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Morrison: there was no offer

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Treasurer Scott Morrison has denied he was offered his job during a failed leadership spill against then Prime Minister Tony Abbott in February.

Mr Morrison admitted he did take a call from Malcolm Turnbull, but denied he was offered the role, following Fairfax Media reports he was offered the spot if Mr Abbott was removed as Prime Minister.

“Nothing came of it, there was no arrangement, no deal there was no offers,” Mr Morrison told Sky News.

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The alleged offer came the day before the first unsuccessful leadership spill, with Julie Bishop on the call also as a silent participant. 

According to the report, Mr Morrison was “open” to the offer but remained non-committal.

It is understood Mr Turnbull indicated to Ms Bishop at the same time that she would be deputy leader if a spill was successful.

Both the discussion with Mr Morrison and Ms Bishop were deliberately inconclusive, according to the reports, so both could keep their options open if the spill did not succeed.

The call took place when Mr Turnbull and Ms Bishop were at the same fundraising event in Sydney.

Both went to a private room and phoned Mr Morrison, who was travelling on his way to Canberra for the spill.

According to the report, this is the first time it has been suggested the trio had come together to form a ticket, of sorts, at the time of the first spill.

Mr Abbott was eventually disposed as Prime Minister in a subsequent spill in September.

Mr Morrison became Treasurer and Ms Bishop retained her role as deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

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