News National Top Stories – Monday 30 November 2015

Top Stories – Monday 30 November 2015

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Government unveils changes to childcare.Childcare reform ‘will still short change grandparents’: Labor

While the government says families would be $30 better off each week, proposed changes to childcare payments will face stiff opposition. Read more.


warplane fighter sunPrince Charles was right. Climate change helped spark the Syrian war

As world leaders discuss global warming, a hotter planet is causing conflicts around the world. Welcome to the age of the climate wars. Read more.


grand mufti josh frydenbergGrand Mufti slammed for ‘graphic failure’ of leadership over Paris

Australia’s most senior Islamic cleric tried to cover up statements about Paris attacks. Govt urges him to ‘show leadership’. Read more.


bald eagle rescuedBald eagle poses for selfies with brothers after they free it from trap

Two men celebrated after discovering an eagle in a remote forest, trapped. The freed its talons and then took a famous selfie. Read more.


NetflixJessica Jones is the bravest thing Marvel has ever done

Sexy, gritty and terrifying with a powerful female lead, this is a superhero show like none other. The risk definitely paid off. Read more.


Shaun-MarshAustralia takes a thriller, but Test cricket was the winner

Three days in Adelaide brings 123,736 people through the turnstiles. Test cricket, meet your glorious, floodlit future. Read more.


GettyYet more proof that this is the healthiest drink you can find

Struggling with diabetes? Extra kilos? Trouble concentrating? There is new evidence this ancient herbal remedy could help. Read more.


Malcolm Turnbull‘Turnbull effect’ forcing a rethink among rusted-on ALP voters

New polling by the ACTU shows the new Prime Minister’s popularity is eroding support for Labor among its own voters. Read more.


Fury-KlitschkoTyson Fury sings to his wife after winning the heavyweight boxing title

In a strange sport, this may be the strangest victory celebration ever – champ serenades his wife as the world watches on. Read more.