News National Top Stories: Saturday, November 28

Top Stories: Saturday, November 28

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syria-edmAndrew Bolt and friends are ‘wrong’ about boots on the ground in Syria

Former UN official Andrew MacLeod says if we send troops to the war-torn territory they could be stuck there for generations Read more

beer-edmFed up with expensive booze? Here’s how to cheat the alcohol tax

We put an economist on the job of finding us a cheaper weekend tipple. He found a delicious way to spend hundreds less on beer Read more

balloon-edmWhy this Australian woman carries a pink balloon everywhere she goes

This blogger has a very unusual accessory, plus a child star’s dramatic transformation and Adele’s rather impressive friendship group Read more

aust-post-edmAustralia Post doesn’t seem to want you to use its ‘hidden’ discount

With its business model in tatters, the postal service has jacked up the price of stamps. Very few seem to know how to dodge it Read more

taxi-edmThere’s a better way to hail a taxi without giving your money to Uber

Three Australian companies are challenging the ‘illegal’ US app, while also trying to force ‘unreliable’ cabbies to lift their game Read more

1528politics-wrapLabor finds a way to make the new Prime Minister look foolish

Mal and Mal are weathering a ‘herpes-like’ storm, as a barrister, a billionaire and the police all pile on an embattled Brough Read more

pink-ball-edmIt was the most hotly anticipated debut in Test cricket history

After weeks of controversy, the pink Kookaburra has been tested on the game’s biggest stage. Here’s how it performed Read more

spider-edm2We give you: the greatest one-man war on spiders of the 21st century

A huge arachnid faces down a ‘murderer’, a shrieking woman, a street of petrified neighbours … and multiple police cars Read more

black-hole-edmNASA releases spectacular video of black hole annihilating a star

It’s the first time astronomers had ever observed these mysterious areas of space rip apart and swallow up an interstellar object Read more

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