News National Top Stories: Thursday, November 26, 2015

Top Stories: Thursday, November 26, 2015

Melbourne Victory fans
Melbourne Victory fans
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happy-phone-edmBill shock! This new Telstra phone plan may actually SAVE you money

The nation’s biggest, most expensive telco is finally giving us what we want: lots of cheap data. As always, there’s a catch (or two) Read more

theblockThe Block finale: when $50,000 is a consolation prize

All five couples pocket a profit in a night of high-stakes auctions. There was just one thing missing – mention of another season Read more

sa-bushfire-edmAnimals burned, woman trampled by horse as residents flee SA blaze

Residents tell of the horror of South Australian bushfire, with one revealing he had no choice but to leave thousands of animals Read more

turnbull-edmThe PM protects himself while his govt stops you from doing the same

When just a minister, Turnbull was a big fan of this technology. Now in power, he’s done nothing to wind back a major crackdown Read more

man-home-edmThese stubborn senators really want you to spend up the kids’ inheritance

Three mavericks in the upper house are fighting hard to free up the billions locked in the family home to feather your nest Read more

battlefront-edm2The Force is weak in the latest Star Wars Battlefront video game

Disney is spinning George Lucas’ billion-dollar franchise into every possible format. For non-nerds, its first foray into gaming sucks Read more

wedding-dog-edmThis is what happens when you let a dog film your wedding ceremony

Call her Francis Ford Doggola. We dare you not to cry at a Siberian husky’s heart-warming footage of her owner’s nuptials Read more

aleaguefansFFA demands an end to death threats aimed at News Corp journo

Fans plan walk outs of A-League matches after names of banned fans released, but threatening the reporter must stop, says FFA Read more