News National Top Stories – Monday 23 November, 2015

Top Stories – Monday 23 November, 2015

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 ‘They must have been sick’: teen tells how she escaped the Bataclan

Emma Parkinson lay still as gunmen slayed concert-goers all around her. When someone shouted ‘run’, she ran for her life. Read more.


RECLAIM AUSTRALIA RALLY MELBOURNEWeapons seized, arrests, horses attacked at Reclaim Australia rallies

A week after Islamic terrorists hit Paris, protesters clash over the religion in Australian capital cities, with police forced to intervene. Read more.


StethoscopePrivate health insurance price hikes leading many to ask: is it worth it?

An increasing number of Australians are ditching or downgrading their policies. Should you join them? We ask the experts. Read more.


no helmet cyclistCyclists may not need to wear helmets to be safe: study

Renewed calls for Australia to drop laws compelling riders to use helmets because they aren’t the best way to make cyclists safer. Read more.


islamic-state-tank-edm2A new and deadlier Islamic State – the reality we are yet to fully grasp

No longer can it be dismissed as a death cult. In the words of France’s president, this is an army. And it is hellbent on an Apocalypse. Read more.


paris attacks police patrolAustralian ‘unlikely’ to suffer terror attack like Paris, claims minister

Justice Minister says Australia’s ‘robust’ gun laws and diversity will provide some measure of protection from terrorists. Read more.


Lost walletWorkers short-changed $2.6b in super as employers fail to pay

Workers in construction, manufacturing and hospitality are most commonly affected by employer failure to pay super. Read more.


Peter-SeniorThis Senior’s moment was one for the ages

A silver-haired ‘couch potato’ upstaged the biggest name in Australian golf to win the Australian Masters at Huntingdale. Read more.


ShutterstockChasing your dream job? These are the challenges to overcome

Ambitious graduates are being seduced by the glamour of some jobs, but are making decisions based on unreal expectations, say experts. Read more.

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