News National Top Stories: Saturday November 20, 2015

Top Stories: Saturday November 20, 2015

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paris-attack-edmThe full account of what happened that dreadful night in Paris

We trace the awful trail of destruction that culminated in the body of the ringleader being blown to pieces in a hail of police gunfire Read more

skywalking-edm’Skywalking’ is the new stupid. It may prove an ‘inevitable’ killer

As schoolies gather to drown their high school memories in booze, a dare imported from Russia may appeal to their inebriated brains Read more

spectre-edm2-1A very seductive Aussie has managed to catch James Bond’s eye

There’s an Australian star in the new 007 blockbuster Spectre, but you might not recognise them at first glance. Look closer Read more

islamic-state-tank-edm2A new and deadlier Islamic State: the reality we are yet to fully grasp

No longer can it be dismissed as a death cult. In the words of France’s president, this is an army. And it is hellbent on an Apocalypse Read more

turnbull-protector-edmOur new PM takes up the mantle of Australia’s ‘great protector’

After Abbott’s shirt-fronting, Turnbull was given his first chance to show how he would react to a crisis in the latest Political Weekly Read more

rural-house-edmHere’s how you can escape to the country without breaking the bank

You don’t need a million dollars to find a rural retreat. Follow these tips and you’ll be cooking snags on a spacious veranda in no time Read more

glenn-maxwell-edm2Glenn Maxwell is the answer to Australian cricket’s selection crisis

The selectors have stuffed up. Khawaja’s injury was a golden opportunity to put in a man brimming with talent and potential Read more

australian-passport-edmWhy do we still have to carry paper passports when we travel?

They are easily lost or stolen and so costly to replace. Need one quick? Forget it. Torn a page? You’re out of luck. But there is hope Read more

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