News National ‘Grand Mufti needs tracking device’

‘Grand Mufti needs tracking device’

jacqui Lambie AAP
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Independent senator Jacqui Lambie has called for the Grand Mufti to be fitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet, as the Australian National Imams Council seeks to address claims he tried to justify the terror attacks in Paris.

Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed issued a statement on Sunday expressing the “deepest condolences” at the loss of life.

He also spoke of “causative factors” such as racism and Islamophobia that he claimed should also be addressed in order to deal with the threat of terrorism.

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Federal ministers criticised Dr Mohamed, accusing him of not condemning Saturday’s terrorist attack strongly enough.

Australia’s Imams Council released a further statement on Wednesday, denying Dr Mohamed had sought to justify the attacks.

“We wish to emphasise it is incorrect to imply that the reference to causative factors provides justification for these acts of terrorism,” the statement said.

“There is no justification for the taking of innocent lives.

“Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed and ANIC have consistently and unequivocally condemned all forms of terrorist violence.”

Today, Senator Lambie was the latest to criticise the Grand Mufti, suggesting a controversial way to address security concerns.

She told the ABC’s Radio National program Dr Mohamed — along with Syrian refugees heading to Australia — should wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

“[Dr Mohamed] is not helping the situation,” Ms Lambie said.

“Maybe the first person that should have an electronic device put on them is the bloody Grand Mufti.

“We’ll be able monitor what is going on and where they’re going,” she said.

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