News National Top Stories – Wednesday 11 November, 2015

Top Stories – Wednesday 11 November, 2015

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pointed gun Australia’s hidden gun problem: the worst suburbs for gun crime

We reveal the nation’s illegal weapons hot spots. In the last 10 years, these clusters of firearm offences have worsened, with one state the clear ‘winner’. Read more.


ABC ‘A Russian drug cheat stole my gold medal. I want it back.’

Champion walker Jared Tallent shares his pain at being robbed of Olympic glory by a pawn in the Kremlin’s alleged state-sponsored doping scam. Read more.


AAP Victoria’s Secret has a fiendishly clever ad – and you’re helping it

The runway show is a marketing stunt that rakes in billions of dollars worth of free advertising every year. We need to stop fuelling this glorified fashion parade. Read more.


AAP Why you will keep funding the inheritance of Australia’s wealthiest

Your tax dollars flow into the pockets of the next generation of trust-fund kids. No matter how much Turnbull tries, powerful vested interests will defeat reform. Read more.


google nexus pure android New class of phones finally gives us what we really want

A simple, pared-back type of device is winning acclaim from tech nerds and casual users. It may save battery life and speed up processing. Best of all, you save money. Read more.


ariana grande social media Social media ‘instafame’ advertising may be a ‘pack of lies’

Hugely popular accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter run the risk of illegally deceiving consumers by failing to reveal ‘the full picture’. Read more.


Michael Hand One of Australia’s ‘most wanted’ fugitives now builds weapons for our ally

Michael Hand may be a CIA spook. Because of powerful friends, he may never face justice. The writer who tracked him down shares his story with TND. Read more.


Many said they now used ride-sharing service Uber instead. Taxi users unleash on cabbies after request for ‘positive stories’

It was meant to tackle the rise of Uber, but an attempt to start a conversation with taxi users quickly became a shouting match. Read more.


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.51.25 amCar of the week: an off-roader with on-road presence

Land Rover’s Discovery is a familiar beast, but still manages to impress with its ability to play both on the street and in the mud. Read more.

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