News National Top Stories: Friday November 6, 2015

Top Stories: Friday November 6, 2015

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adlergunPro-gun lobbyists hijack anti-gun event in Sydney

Widow of gun crime victim, calling for a ban on a high-powered Adler shotgun, is told a “bad man” killed her husband, not a gun Read more

shorten-160615-newdaily1-1Bill Shorten has made a big mistake on the GST

Labor’s pre-emptive strike on the GST could end up backfiring if they’re arguing against something that could help their constituents Read more

walkingpeopleCut your chance of dying in half. Start walking

A new study gives us the first hard evidence of the health benefits of counting your stride. Here’s how many steps to take each day Read more

spectreNew James Bond film raises Spectre of filmgoers falling asleep

It’s a blockbuster of a famous film franchise. And yet, this overlong series of explosions risks being labeled ‘boring’ Read more

car-crash-051115-newdailyOwners held to ransom in smash repair car-nappings

Leading insurer reports a 70 per cent jump in cases where damaged vehicles are held until the owners pay exorbitant towing and repair bills Read more

dogonscooterScience finally proves that dogs are good medicine

Science is starting to tell us what our hearts knew already: that pooches are medicinal, with their powerful benefits under investigation Read more

nasamarsLooking for a new job? This one is out of this world

Applications are being sought for a high-flying job. And if Mars is in your travel plans, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime Read more