News National Top Stories – Thursday, November 5, 2015

Top Stories – Thursday, November 5, 2015

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essena-oneill1-1The strange, highly lucrative world of internet stardom

You’ve never heard of them but they are followed by millions and loved by big brands. Here’s how much they earn Read more

backyardcoupleWhy the back yard dream is over for young families

This ‘housing affordability crisis’ could mean you’ll be forced to live in an apartment for the rest of your life, demographers claim Read more

gunadlerThis highly deadly weapon is about to be sold near you

It fires seven bullets in seven seconds and shows gun technology has outpaced our gun laws. So why isn’t it banned? Read more

teenbootcampThis guy thinks we should send naughty kids to boot camp

Program founder says military techniques will help to stamp out rebellious, disrespectful and anti-social behaviour in teens Read more

ASIO-EDM-031115-newdailyThe internal threat that has ASIO worried

Spy agency warns a breach of this kind could have “devastating consequences” in the fight against terrorism Read more

falconomics2The post-GFC housing crash we’ve been expecting

Some have been expecting a deep correction in the local market for many years now. Here’s how it can be stopped Read more

jarjarbinksThe Jar Jar Binks theory blowing the minds of Star Wars fans

The maligned Phantom Menace character uses the force, is a powerful warrior and evil genius. And he’s about to make a comeback Read more

cricketpicSurprise: the cricket’s back – and we’re in for a real challenge

Australia couldn’t handle the swinging ball in England and, as former bowler Geoff Lawson writes, New Zealand could exploit that Read more

wandererfanSenator says police have earned the label ‘bastards’

A bitter feud over the treatment of football fans in Sydney led to claims police deserved the abuse hurled at them by fans Read more