News National Top Stories – Wednesday 21 October, 2015

Top Stories – Wednesday 21 October, 2015

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GettyIt wasn’t meant to end this way. Hockey’s bitter farewell

He was touted as a future PM but the rigours of high office brought Joe Hockey’s career to a crushing end. Read more.


Max Worthington and Justin Chalker who found the material.Accidental orange peel discovery could save thousands of lives

Scientists stumble across method to pull deadly substances from water using orange peel and other waste products. Read more.


PARRAMATTA SHOOTINGFake passports, foiled plots. Terror ‘worse than ever,’ says ASIO

Australia’s spy agency paints a frightening picture of the security threat to Australia. And it’s getting worse, not better. Read more.


credit cardsWhat the government’s shake-up of financial services means for you

Cheaper airfares, better advice and more bang for our tax dollars. That’s the upside. But it’s not all good news. Read more.


Scott MorrisonHow making the major banks safer could cost you money

Making the banks put more money aside for hard times won’t spark rate rises, argues Scott Morrison. Not everyone agrees. Read more.


Malcolm TurnbullTurnbull’s tough sell – changing how you’re paid in retirement

This reform to your superannuation might be a good idea but the politics of it could bedevil the PM. Read more.


no activity stanStan uses Netflix recipe to create Aussie cop comedy

The streaming service is the first to make an original local series. Here’s why you could soon be binge-watching the first season. Read more.


Dave-SmithThis man just gave up the worst job in Australian sport

Salary cap rorts, drug scandals, domestic violence charges and drunken rampages. Dave Smith made an art-form of prickly press conferences. Read more.


6863710-3x2-940x627Union members are the real victims of Jackson, Lawler fiasco

ANALYSIS: Monday night’s Four Corners was about as unnerving as the first Alien film. Pity those who really lost something in the rorting. Read more.