News National Top Stories – Monday 19 October 2015

Top Stories – Monday 19 October 2015

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Sydney auction clearance rates hit a three-year low this weekend.Property jitters hit house buyers as clearance rates slump

A shock rate rise and predictions of a property slump scare off home buyers, but not everyone says a market crash is looming. Read more.


women drinkingNew hangover cure could ‘encourage binge drinking’: warnings

It promises to cure your hangover in 30 minutes with a mix of vitamins, medications and mineral infusions, and it has authorities very worried. Read more.


AAP Sick of being ripped off, small businesses to declare war on big brands

Are Australians being ripped off by a small clique of corporate leaders? Some key players say yes, and they’ve had enough. Read more.


Getty 10 great movies that will make you smarter

From the world’s most influential people to economic theories, these 10 movies will help broaden your horizons. Read more.


selling house Thinking of downsizing your home? These are the things to consider

It’s considered a more cost-effective way to live, but in reality, it doesn’t always work out like that. Find out if it’s the right move for you. Read more.


Support for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten collapses. Turnbull’s popularity rises again as Labor slips further in polling

The rise of Malcolm Turnbull as PM a month ago continues to help the Coalition’s chances of holding government, shows a new poll. Read more.


Scott Selwood The AFL’s free agency system is a blight on the game

Compensating clubs for losing an uncontracted player is confusing, unnecessary and ultimately against the interests of the sport. Read more.


Employees should check their rights and entitlements.Hey part-time workers – these are the rights you should know about

If you are planning on working a part-time job this summer, don’t be in the dark about your entitlements. Read more.