News National Mark Latham confuses us all over Twitter account

Mark Latham confuses us all over Twitter account

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Controversial former Labor leader Mark Latham has again confused the public as to whether he is behind a Twitter account that trolls users and posts explicit content.

On Thursday night’s episode of Nine Network’s panel show The Verdict, Latham was questioned by host Karl Stefanovic about if he was the owner of the account.

But given Mr Latham’s oft-rambling responses and Stefanovic’s loose questioning, doubt remained as to whether Latham operated the Twitter handle.

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“Have you had to resign from a position at Fairfax as a result of your own Twitter account?” Stefanovic asked.

“No, that’s ridiculous. You’re on the wrong webpage there, Karl,” said Mr Latham.

Stefanovic: “Was the real Mark Latham the real Mark Latham?”

Mr Latham: “100%, I’m here. I am the real Mark Latham.”

But was Mr Latham responding to a question about why he was sacked from Fairfax or one probing whether he ran @RealMarkLatham?

It was unclear from the question and response below.

“So you’re saying @TheRealMarkLatham was you but as a direct result of what you were saying on the real Mark Latham, which was you, you had to resign from Fairfax?” Stefanovic said.

“No, no, no, that’s just untrue,” responded Mr Latham.

Read the full transcript by clicking the owl and decide for yourself.  

Fairfax Media and the Nine Network have reported the exchange did amount to an admission by Mr Latham.

Buzzfeed Australia reported earlier in 2015 that the @RealMarkLatham account was run by Mark Latham.

However, The New Daily is still unclear as to whether this exchange could make anyone more certain about the issue.

On two occasions during the interview Stefanovic wrongly refers to the account’s handle as @TheRealMarkLatham instead of @RealMarkLatham.

He also fails to mention the “@” symbol before some his questioning to the former politician.

At the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Mr Latham refused to answer questions about whether he ran the account.

The account became notorious for a serious of sexist and offensive tweets.

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