News National Top Stories – Friday, October 16 2015

Top Stories – Friday, October 16 2015

robo debt dead people
Centrelink has revealed it has chased the estates of more than 500 dead people over robo-debts. Photo: AAP
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diverblokeDivers capture rare footage of ‘The Swimming Head’

Swimmers mistake them for sharks. But this playful 1000kg marine monster is actually the heaviest bony fish in the sea Read more

karlstefanovicThe Verdict isn’t the show we need, it’s the one we deserve

Before you take pot shots at the unpopular panel show, consider that it could reflect elements of our society we aren’t so proud of Read more

hilaryclintonFifteen things you don’t know about Hillary Clinton

She’s led a public life, but still has plenty of secrets. Here’s what you don’t know about the favourite in the race for US president Read more

theboys2Kyrgios cops an absolute pummelling from SA royalty

What started out as name-calling between sports stars has escalated – big time. And you should see the things they’re saying about Nick Read more

centrelinkGovernment’s ‘short-sighted’ welfare card could be ‘dangerous’

Experts worry a plan to sober up Aboriginal communities by restricting their cash could make things worse. But not everyone agrees Read more

scott-morrison-071015-newdailyThe glaring hole in Scott Morrison’s plan for the economy

There’s a key word missing from the Treasurer’s “work, save and invest” slogan. And it’s something he needs to learn fast Read more

caulfieldcupcrowdThe winner of the 2015 Caulfield Cup won’t be an Aussie horse

With so many quality international horses in Melbourne, Saturday’s $3 million race might be a sign of things to come Read more

chicken-tweet-bettyThis chicken has a Twitter account. Seriously, we’re not joking

It’s probably one of the most ridiculous promotional efforts, but an Aussie fast food chain is teaching a chicken to use social media Read more

keepingupkardashianHow Keeping Up with the Kardashians turned into a tragedy

The lighthearted reality show suddenly became an examination of substance abuse, sexuality, divorce, parenting and mental health Read more