News National Top Stories – Thursday, October 15 2015

Top Stories – Thursday, October 15 2015

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aldilogoAldi cashes up its workers in bid to hurt Coles and Woolworths

The discount supermarket chain might scrimp on bags and boxes, but there’s one area where it spares no expense – its staff Read more

bacheloretteWhy Australia is in love with Sam Frost

Another day, another man rejected. But it seems this jilted reality TV star can do no wrong. Read more

Beware! Westpac’s mortgage hike will not be the only one

Big banks are playing ‘follow the leader’ with their rates and this time it’s really going to hurt you Read more

pmunderhotwaterOpposition targets Turnbull over Cayman Islands investment

Labor gets personal, turning the heat on the PM on the “appropriateness” of a managed investment in the Carribean Read more

presidentscandidateFour wildcards who could become the next US president

With the Republican party in chaos, these Democrats are in with a shot. But they’ve made powerful enemies – and not just Hillary Read more

zombieappThese evil undead zombies are ruining your phone

The average smartphone is clogged with these burdensome pests that refuse to die. They’re sapping your battery life and data Read more

beardedhipstersHipster charity workers mistaken for Islamic State terrorists

Bearded Villains raise concerns over ‘facial profiling’ after being spotted posing with a black flag and reported to police Read more

How a GST rise could help fix our ‘dysfunctional’ tax system

Economics commentator Rob Burgess explains the pros and cons of this “regressive” tax in the latest episode of Falconomics Read more

jlawJ-Law: ‘I didn’t want to seem difficult or spoiled’

Actress opens up about those Sony email leaks in a fierce essay, revealing her new take-no-prisoners tactic for pay negotiation Read more