News National Rinehart wins Rio Tinto case

Rinehart wins Rio Tinto case

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Gina Rinehart and the heirs to her father’s partner, Peter Wright, have won a High Court case against Rio Tinto over disputed royalties from two Pilbara mines.

Rinehart talks about her father, family
Rinehart argued with father over family trust

The royalties were owed as part of a deal made when Mr Wright and Lang Hancock sold the mines in 1970 to Rio Tinto.

Rio Tinto claimed it was not liable for the royalties because the mines were not continually in their possession for the period.

The High Court did not agree and decided unanimously that Rio Tinto must cover costs in the case.

The New South Wales Supreme Court initially ruled in favour of Hancock Prospecting and Wright Prospecting and ordered Rio Tinto pay $130 million in owed royalties and interest.

But in an appeal, that was reduced to $89 million in royalties only.

Other appeals had found that Rio Tinto’s lapse in control of the Channar Mine in the 1970s was enough to void the agreement.

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