News National AFP imports drugs to catch crooks

AFP imports drugs to catch crooks

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Two people have been arrested and almost $40,000 seized during a number of operations that involved police importing large amounts of drugs into the ACT.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has released details of thousands of dollars worth of illicit substances they have imported in an attempt to catch drug dealers.

The AFP’s controlled operations annual report details four separate cases in the past financial year in which police brought in drugs.

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The largest by size, involved 28 kilograms of methamphetamine imported in September, ultimately helped police arrest one person.

The three other cases involved the importing of heroin.

In February, police brought in 126 grams of the illicit substance, leading to one arrest and the seizure of almost $39,750 in criminal assets.

In August and November of last year, police also imported 12.9 grams and 42 grams of heroin respectively.

Neither of the special operations led to arrests. The drugs were recovered in all four cases.

In total, the AFP have conducted nine controlled operations this financial year, with eight being drug related.

Of those, four cases were conducted in the ACT, with the remaining four occurring in both the ACT and another jurisdiction.

Importing of drugs is allowed under ACT law to help officers collect evidence that may lead to a prosecution.

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